Habitat ReStore June

It’s hard to complain about too much of a good thing, but in Cape May County it’s that time of year! We all know the ebbs and flows of life here at the Shore ­– and just about all of us are starting to brace for the onslaught that starts every July 4.  Here at the ReStore, June brings longer days, bigger crowds and the donation phone ringing off the hook.  Donated furniture, fixtures, appliances, building materials and home décor are the fuel of a Habitat ReStore, generating revenue that helps Habitat build homes right here in Cape May County – and right now, we have more than we know what to do with. HIGHER DONATION LEVELS MEANS LOWER PRICES – so we can keep our store from looking like a scene from Hoarders!

Every May Cape May County residents get our homes and businesses ready for summer visitors – and June is one of the best times to find what you need at a great price – whether it’s a bunk bed set, a new refrigerator, a replacement for your sleeper sofa or another fun shored-themed picture for your guest room.  Much of our ReStore merchandise is marked down 25 – 50 – even 75% to make room for more.  Want to keep up with our daily arrivals?  Follow us at ReStore Cape May on Facebook and Instagram, where EVERY DAY our intrepid photographer finds and posts pictures of the coolest items we have.  Over 4,000 fans are already online watching her every move…don’t miss that special piece you can’t live without!

For more information, call 609-465-1626. Visit online at www.habitatcapemaycounty.org.

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