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Hunting and fishing can require a lot of gear, and avid hobbyists need a place to store the tools, clothes, bait, gear, and cleaning supplies they need.  

Proper storage keeps your valuable equipment secure and stops dirt, clutter and critters from damaging items.  

Here are some ideas to optimize your shed or garage for these activities. 


A workbench can serve as a staging area for packing your equipment before a hunting or fishing excursion. It also provides an area to clean equipment, sharpen knives, and prep fishing tackle. 


If you often find yourself up before dawn preparing for a hunting or fishing trip, having proper lighting inside your shed or garage will be crucial. If you're lucky enough to have a shed or garage already wired for electricity, this will be an easy task. If not, there are several great portable battery-powered work lights available from various retailers. 

Overhead Storage 

An overhead rack or loft allows you to store your canoe, kayak or any other long or large items without taking up the much-needed space below or resorting to storing them outdoors. 


If some of your gear is a bit more delicate, it may benefit from being stored in a more insulated and temperature-controlled environment. Consider installing insulation and/or a dehumidifier inside your shed for this added protection. 

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