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In March of 2020 

The virus hit us plenty 

We all run to our homes for safety 

So, the land was free from chromosomes 

They flew through the air that we needed to 


A lot of changes you can see 

The dreams of gatherings for a party or two 

Was a big no-no and it made us all blue 

Depression kicked in with anxiety, too 

At a peek for those who chose to stay in 

The dreams of birthday parties, families far away 

To celebrate a very special day 

As we walk around in our masks like sheep 

Hiding our smiles underneath 

The joy of Christmas is under a tree 

As Halloween moves through the land silently 

Hardly any children in costumes around 

Homes not lighted or decorated with theme 

Because there wasn’t much of Halloween 

As all the Christmas stuff goes out 

Onto the shelves with sparkles a gleam 

Anticipating a possible gathering with joys and hopes 

As this virus rises up again, numbers are higher 

Even with all the rules in place 

Oh my God, Santa won’t know my face 

How will he tell it’s me under here 

All my wishes will disappear 

As this annoying mask hangs from my ears 

I wish for this virus to go all away 

I wish God would bring back family 

That’s gone, and I cannot see 

Who meant as much as Christmas to me 

This Christmas has changed my outlook 

On life 

All things we thought were important in the past 

None of it matters without family laughs 

Underneath my Christmas tree 

I want to see the past come back 

With joys of Christmas celebrations so sweet 

Hugs and kisses upon my cheeks 

Laughter and cheers, clinking glasses with joys 

The freedom of no masks covering our faces 

Gathering with family and friends 

Oh, what a Christmas if this virus ends 

What a world this would be again 

This is all the important things 

And all my Christmas dreams

Decker writes from Erma. 

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