When I was growing up, we didn't have much. Many nights supper consisted of Betty Crocker soup, and I remember my Mom and Dad didn't eat much.  However, I was satisfied with what we had.

Now, as an older senior citizen, I look back on those days and, in particular, one Christmas.

I was about 8 years old, and although my parents could not afford much, they always made sure my brother and I had a Christmas tree with a village below and trains running around the tree. 

For presents that year, I received a "Grimm’s Fairy Tale" book and a blackboard eraser.  I read that book over and over and used the eraser on my old blackboard until I wore it out. 

I had the world with those two gifts.  Over the years, things improved and the gifts were plentiful, but they couldn't compare with that book and eraser because I realize now, they were given with love. 

To me, that was Christmas. 

McGinty writes from Wildwood Crest.