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A special feeling we have in our hearts that is everlasting.

An angel on a Christmas tree that reminds us that someone

special is watching over us.

That unforgettable smile a child has when Santa gives a special gift.

A warm hand that takes yours and warms your heart.

A couple walking side by side on a snowy night.

The voices of a choir singing the true meaning of Christmas.

The cozy feeling under a warm blanket while taking a sleigh ride.

The forever memories of families gathering for holiday dinners.

The beautiful trees and decorations that light up our hearts.

A living manger scene that promises the true meaning of Christmas.

Appreciating the meaning of Christmas and wishing upon a star.

A warm puppy from Santa cuddled by a child.

A loving couple kissing under the mistletoe,

Opening special gifts from our thoughtful friends.

Sharing the gift of friendship with someone who is lonely.

Cuddling up next to a warm fire with the one you love.

Wherever you go and whatever you do at Christmas, you'll

cherish these memories forever.

Mitchell writes from Seaville.

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