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A few years ago, a very young, aggressive, but lonely entrepreneur was staying in Alaska to follow up on a business venture. While there, he entered and won a contest to see the genuine Santa and receive one present of his choice.  

Since he was a very machismo type, but wasn’t very social, he hesitated to get in line with the mostly younger crowd at the award event. However, he went and saw a very real Santa reaching into his bag and pulling out all sorts of things you wouldn’t believe could be kept in such a bag.  

For one child, he pulled out a bicycle, for another, he pulled out a real, live, little puppy and then a birdcage holding a parrot for a young lady. 

When it was his turn, after some time for contemplation of his lot in life, he turned to Santa and wished. He said he wanted a chick with gorgeous legs, full breasts, and a slender neck, leading to a cranium that wouldn’t give him any trouble.  

Santa laughed and nodded saying, “Sure, you’ve got it,” and then pulled out and presented the young man with a gorgeous, fresh turkey with the head still attached. 

Martini writes from Villas.

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