A truer story there will never be

As the tale of the day

The Fishes left the Sea

It was a sparkling Day

In early July

On a beach in Cape May

Not a cloud pierced the sky

A typical day by any means

In all of their splendor

Unfolding beach scenes

Children squealing in delight

Feeding the seabirds in overhead flight

Sandcastles emerging from the sand

Beach chairs, blankets, and sand pails

Speckled the land

Children running to and fro

Away from the waves

Teenagers vying for the perfect spot

To catch the sun’s rays

The sea air was as sweet as could be

And then

It Happened!

They left the sea

All of a sudden and all at once

A hush blanketed the land

It’s just not possible

Fish on the sand?

Hundreds, no thousands

Flip-flopping around

Tiny silver minnows

Covering the ground

They must know, they must

They can’t breathe air

Gasping and crying

It just wasn’t fair

All stood in disbelieve, all stopping to stare

Ten, then 20 they started to arrive

Squealing and squawking seabirds

Towards the helpless fishes

They began to dive

Jump little fishes

Back to the sea

Back to the ocean

To breath

To be free

What happened next?

Brings a tear to my eye

Humanity at its best

In Cape May on that summer’s Day

In July

For as far as the eye could see

Across the beaches the same reaction

Old and young, everyone

Sprang to action

Not a word was spoken

But everyone knew

The tiniest of God’s creatures were in trouble

And just what we each had to do

Everyone grabbed whatever they could

Buckets, cups even their hands would work good.

Giving these tiny fishes back to the sea

To swim, to be free

Became everyone’s only priority

On that July Day in Cape May

We worked together as one

No diversities, no quarrels, no boundaries

Getting the job done, all focused

All one

Gently we scooped up each little fish

Putting them back in the Sea

Working as quickly as could be

Carefully, ensuring to hurt not a one

So many people, all colors under the sun

So many people working together as one

And when not a fish was left on the sand

We all cheered, clapping giving ourselves a hand

We did it! We did it!

We set them all free

We returned the Fishes back to the Sea!

Quietly we returned to our blankets and chairs

With a spirited stride

Satisfied with our work

And a new sense of Pride

On that July Day on the beach in Cape May

No reporters were watching

No one did it for money or fame

A simple pure shared act from the heart

That left none of us the same

We could have all chosen to look away

But instead, we choose to save the tiny fishes

On that July Day on the beach in Cape May.

The End

This book serves as inspiration to all of those who no longer believe in the goodness of humanity. With the exception of the clapping, this is exactly what happened on that day in Cape May.