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In 1903, my father and I were in search of our perfect Christmas tree for our small cabin. As we stood in the forest surrounded by pine trees, I saw a small 5 foot tree, perfect for our cabin.

My father said it was just too small to chop down. Let’s dig this tree up and place it in a basket for the holidays. Then, after Christmas, we can plant it on the property.

After a few weeks, we carried the small tree out to our yard to be planted. Years and years would pass of caring for this special tree. The tree grew taller and taller, as I grew older and older, until one day, a man knocked at our door asking if we might be interested in parting with our now magnificent tree.

Almost 100 years had gone by and the tree grew to a majestic height. This tree was cut down and put on display for all the world to see at the Rockefeller Center Ice Skating Plaza in New York City.

Schippe writes from Rio Grande.