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‘Twas the night before Christmas, many years had passed,  

Only memories remain since I saw him last.  


I sat on my chair by the warmth of the fire;  

It crackled and roared as if sung by a choir.  

The stockings now tattered, still hung there by care  

The smell of gingerbread lingered in the air.  

Wreaths in every window, the mistletoe hung  

The hall decked in holly; the garland was strung.  

The tree how it sparkled, the star how it shined,  

Covered with ornaments, no bare spot you'd find.  

Every ribbon, every bow, perfectly set,  

Candy canes, silver bells, but no presents yet.  


Through the window I watched the snow coming down,  

An endless blanket of white covered the ground.  

I sipped my cocoa ’til the last drop was done,  

The marshmallows were eaten, every last one.  

My eyes grew tired, it was getting quite late,  

Milk and cookies set out; no more could I wait.  

Up the stairs I climbed, to rest my weary head,  

Donned in pajamas, I was soon off to bed.  


Dreams of St. Nicholas brought me such joy  

To Christmastime past, when I was a boy.  

Midnight church bells rang out to mark the day.  

I began to stir in bed as I lay.  

My mind how it pictured with every slight noise  

Visions of St. Nick and his sack full of toys.  

No longer could I sleep, aroused by each creak  

I ventured downstairs to have myself a peek.  


The house was all quiet, the fire almost out  

There were no signs of Santa, I looked all about.  

When all of a sudden came a sound I knew well  

The silence was broken by a distant sleigh bell.  

I rushed to the door and gazed up at the sight  

Of Jolly St. Nick and his reindeer in flight!  


He was dressed all in red with trim of white,  

Boots and a belt that were black as the night.  

He wore a cap on his head with a big white ball  

And landed on the roof with no trouble at all.  

Quick as a flash, down the chimney he came  

I dashed back inside, I called him by name.  

His eyes still twinkled, his spirit so merry,  

A beard of white, and that nose like a cherry!  

He ate the last cookie and quickened his pace,  

And under the tree, a present he did place.  

He gave me a smile and a wink of his eye;  

Up the chimney he went as he waved me goodbye.  

I heard him call out with a voice cheerful and bright,  

"Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!" 


Sittineri writes from Court House. 

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