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It was the night before Christmas down at the shore.

All the sea creatures were waiting for Santa and more.

The evening tide was low and the moon all aglow,

Causing every beach treasure to show.

Sea stars were dancing using their five rays,

And moon snails came out of their shells for a gaze.

Dune grass, one of the beach's main features,

Is home to many sea creatures.

Sea birds rummaged on the dunes,

While they sang Christmas tunes.

Horseshoe crabs washed upon the beach,

So gulls could enjoy their Christmas treats.

Whelk shells with their strength and beauty lie alone,

Waiting to give hermit crabs a new home.

The jingle shell so delicate and glowing,

Tries settling in while the sand is blowing.

Oysters and clams washed up from the sea,

To join other treasures on the beach.

When all of a sudden the rhythm of the waves changed,

And up from the rough waters came something strange.

A beautiful dolphin was balancing on his snout,

A bag of gifts he'd soon hand out.

All the seashore's creatures would soon hear,

The dolphin wish them, "Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!"

Mitchell writes from Seaville.