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The anticipation seems endless,

All waiting for the word.

I wait almost anxiously,

For instructions from the Lord.

My friends and I stand in clusters,

Excitement filling us all.

The time will soon be upon us,

And we will be answering the call.

Finally, our wait is over,

The word has been given to sing.

In the sky, we all appear,

Good news to them we bring.

A Savior has been born among them,

One who will save all of those on Earth.

We sing to welcome the Christ child,

And tell the shepherds of his birth.

The glorious sound from Heaven,

God's precious holy Son.

Has been born in a lowly manger,

Come rejoice with us, Everyone!

Our voices ring loud and clear,

Announcing the news from above.

He's come to save them from their sons,

God's gift of unconditional love.

Grace writes from Dennisville.