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There was a child out shopping, one day until Christmas, checking off all the gifts he wrote on his list.

He crossed off his mother, sister and brother until all that remained was one other.

His father was left but the boy did recall, that he said he wouldn't see him Christmas at all.

For his job took no holidays off and he had no time in sight, and wouldn't be home until later that night.

The child stood silent in his moment of despair, thinking about how his father won't be there.

He didn't give up and continued to shop, and until he had gifts for everyone he would not stop.

He looked all over from store to store but had no idea what to look for.

Then all of a sudden he came to a resolution when he saw in the window his problem's solution.

He paid at the counter and flew home like a kite, for he wanted to give this gift to his father that night.

After supper when getting ready for bed, the child went up to his father and said, "I got this for you, can you please open it now?" The father wanted to respond, but didn't know how.

So he unwrapped his gift and opened the box, and inside of it was a silver watch.

The father loved it and cracked a smile and then he turned and said to his child, "Thank you, son, this is such a delight! But why did you make me open it tonight?"

The child hugged his father and said in sorrow, "I wanted you to have the time tomorrow."

The father hugged his child back and sent him to bed, and sat on the couch with his hand on his head.

Conflict arose and he let out a sob, about how he made the wrong choice of family or job.

So he shut off his alarm to not heed its warning, for he was going to be with his family this Christmas morning.