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My husband and I were having pizza at our local restaurant and noticed a young couple seated close to our table. Smiling and acknowledging them, we started a conversation about how great the food was.

We shared that we lived locally, married for 60 years and were 80 years young. They added that they were married for 35 years, 58 years old and had two boys.

They asked if we had children. We replied, a daughter, a son who had passed and four grandchildren.

I noticed the young woman's eyes filled with tears. Asking if she was okay, her reply touched me deeply, "I have cancer, again."

Since my belief is that everything happens for a reason, I felt that sharing our son's passing, at almost the same age, she may have related her situation to ours, but we explained he saw no options and that she was so "brave" to be embarking on this unwanted journey, again getting a second chance.

Easy for us to say. Have "faith and believe," encouraging her with as much humility as possible, to be strong for herself and her boys.

After we all finished our pizza, we shared a hug and I said, "I'll pray for you," and we went our separate ways.

Arriving home and waking up many times during the night, I felt I should have said or done more. 

I thought, just coincidence, no way that I had an uncle with the same name as her husband, close friend with the same name as hers, and that she was almost the same age as my son, and they had two children as well.

God's plans are always at work to help us, so that is why I am sharing this experience. "Believing" that sharing this story during the "Christmas Season" will encourage all who "Believe" and read this will say a prayer and give this young couple the strength and belief that with God's blessing, that she will have many years to share her "Christmas Miracle." Even over a piece of pizza.