I shall not let it happen again this year

No more neglecting outdoor decorating cheer,

Just couldn’t reach my 2017 Christmas lights by myself

As they are neatly stacked on my garage top shelf.

I was not too happy with last year’s lack of front lawn lights

And my Christmas was not one of the local Cape May “sights.”

So yesterday I purchased a 6-foot fir tree at Walmart land

Complete with multi-colored lights and a very sturdy stand.

I also bought a battery-operated, pre-lit wreath for my front door

Together with a lighted garland…who could ask for anything more?

Needed more lights to brighten the front and side of my abode

Two rotating “disco spots” now set a more colorful “mode.”

As I now approach my corner home on a formerly darkened street

I see dancing, lighted images flashing on my very own retreat

I then see the colorful lighted garland encircling my front-light pole

And a “welcoming” flashing wreath that says, “Y’all come in from the cold!”

Merry Christmas to all, and to all, a Good Night.

Let there be light.

Mosso writes from Cape May.