My husband and I were strolling through the Christmas village at Congress Hall late one Saturday night last year. We approached the carousel and noticed there was an older couple enjoying the whimsical whirl as they held each other in an embrace while the ride circled.

It felt like a moment from a magical Christmas movie; the lights and scene felt timeless. My husband and I kept our distance for a minute and then eventually strolled closer to embrace this event.

It was such an endearing moment to witness that I had to approach them when the ride stopped. In chatting with the couple, they revealed it was a holiday tradition they did since they were married (guessing 50ish years).

One could not help but feel the love; it was so genuine and palpable. We went on our way as not to intrude anymore.

This year, my husband and I will ride the carousel and start our own annual tradition. I look forward to making time to slow down for a minute and enjoy the wonder of the holiday spirit.

Merry Christmas to all with a special nod to the Congress Hall couple.