Many people suffer from foot deformities and pain needlessly because of fear or a lack of knowledge and understanding about corrective foot surgery.  

Dr. Birk has combined new techniques with safe anesthesia and effective pain management to perform bunion removals.

Hallux Valgus, often referred to as a "bunion," is a deformity of the big toe where the big toe tilts toward the smaller toes and a lump appears on the inside of the foot.   

People wonder if bunions are hereditary.  They typically run in families, but that does not mean that if you have a bunion, your children will have one too. Bunions are more common in people with unusually flexible joints, and this can be hereditary.

Research shows that 85% of people who have bunion corrections are satisfied with the results. Dr. Birk performs most procedures in the same day surgery section of a hospital, and with minor exception; patients can walk normally with full-weight, the day of surgery.

Dr. Charles Birk is a diplomate, American Board of Podiatric Surgery member, a fellow of the American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons, and is board certified in foot surgery.

Dr. Birk has offices in Cape May Court House and Beesley’s Point. To learn more about bunion removal surgery, or other foot-related problems, including foot and ankle orthopedic injuries, visit or call (609) 465-1644.