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The New Year holiday provides an opportunity to reset. Often, people are coming off a busy season of packed schedules along with the ebb and flow of daily life. This year especially, the New Year provides an opportunity to slow down and truly assess our lives before stepping into the year ahead. Here are 10 ways to reset as you head into 2021.

1. Reflect

Reflection and gratitude are practices we all need now more than ever. Take some time to focus on the positive aspects of 2020. Make a list on your phone or even the back of a receipt of anything to be grateful for from this year. Practicing gratitude will help bring closure to the year and be a reminder of lessons learned as a new one approaches.

2. Volunteer

Research and select a charitable group with which you can volunteer your time. This is a great way to support a cause you believe in and makes it possible to collaborate with others who are like-minded, maybe even helping you make new friends in your community.

3. List What you are Looking Forward to

While reflection is essential, we also need things to look forward to. Sit down and outline a list that includes what you are excited for in the coming months or year! Having a hard time coming up with anything? That is the perfect reason to schedule something to look forward to. Get the quarantined crew together for a game night or plan a socially distant walk. This past year has brought many opportunities to be thankful for the simpler things in life. Hopefully, that is a lesson that will follow us all into 2021.

4. Choose a Word for the Year

Have you ever had a theme word? Maybe now is the year to start. You may feel drawn to implement a word into your life more intentionally throughout the year. Whether joy, peace, kindness, balance, quiet, discipline, or countless more options, write your word down to create intent over the year ahead. Perhaps display your word in the bedroom or near a kitchen table to prompt conversation throughout next year’s dinners.

5. Donate

With the approach of year-end giving and many organizations in need of assistance, the opening to give back to your local community is ample. Educate yourself about current issues that are affecting people from all walks of life. There are opportunities all around the community to donate clothing, food, money, and more.

6. Select a New Hobby

Between winter settling in and a quarantine lifestyle at a continual high, this is ever the moment to begin new hobbies. It could be that you try knitting or reading this winter. Support your local library, knit the neighbors a scarf, try growing plants from seed. Whatever the hobby is, the goal remains the same: begin something new to enrich your life and expand your comfort zone.

7. Help Someone you Know

It’s commendable to want to assist a charity or a global cause, but what about people close to you who may need a boost? Consider lugging boxes to help a friend move or babysitting a niece or nephew. Select an activity that will provide some relief and assistance to someone in your life. Perhaps even commit to helping someone you know once a month throughout the year.

8. Set Goals

Goals help promote self-esteem and empowerment. A key to success here is breaking down large goals into small and attainable goals. That way, success is seen more quickly and motivates you to keep working towards the overall goal. Breaking goals down into a week by week or month by month plan will help you see the daily steps needed to reach the overall goal.

9. Focus on Health

Select an area you may want to work on throughout the year, whether it is emotional, physical, mental, or spiritual health. Odds are, if you focus on one area rather than attempting to do it all, there is more room for growth. Investment in an area of health in your life will make a big difference.

10. Prioritize Rest

It may come as a surprise to learn that there are different types of rest. Rest can take many forms from watching movies to walking on the beach. Additionally, throughout different seasons of life, our bodies crave different types of rest. As you head into the new year, take a look at the rest that has been filling your cup. Make adjustments as needed and in 2021 learn to listen to the type of rest you may be in need of.

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