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As we enter into new year it is important to take a moment to stop and look at self-care. The idea of self-care means something different to everyone. In light of bettering health and wellness a practical step to caring for oneself is journaling. Time spent writing gives way to reflection and intentionality. Those are two themes that continually surround the dawn of a new year: looking back on the old and setting intentions for the new. Whether journaling is a regular part of your self-care routine or a new addition, enjoy these writing prompts to help you in your health and wellness journey as the new year commences.

1. A note to yourself, one year from now

2. A food from this past year that’s stuck around in your memory

4. A personal growth moment from 2020

5. Something you’re looking forward to this week

6. Describe the scene out of your window right now

7. Recap your favorite book, movie or tv show of 2020 in your own words

8. One conversation you were thankful for this week

9. What did you want to be when you grew up and why?

10. A list of the places you would travel to in order, once it’s safe to do so

11. All of a sudden, you’ve turned into an animal. What animal are you and why?

12. How have you been connecting with others lately?

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