How is Your Teen Sleeping?

Why is my dentist asking about my teenager’s sleep habits? Surprisingly, sleep quality and quantity can affect more than you think.

Has your teen been diagnosed with depression and /or have a poor response to standard pharmacologic treatment for persistent depressive symptoms?

Recent studies found that some teenagers are misdiagnosed with depression, when in actuality, it's a deficiency in sleep quality. Correcting their airway and craniofacial deficiencies can improve their daily functions, may improve clinical outcomes earlier in the course of mood disorders in adolescents, and lead to better long-term prognosis, making it unnecessary to continue various medications.

With improved sleep quality, teens can be calmer, and able to socialize and learn better - a simple but life-changing result.

Major depressive disorder affects 5-8% of adolescents, and 40% of those may be treatment resistant. A recent meta-analysis found a significant relationship between depressive symptoms and obstructive sleep apnea in children.

Your dentist working along with your other doctors can achieve the most effective treatment strategy.

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