Many diabetics are susceptible to foot complications due to poor circulation, which often leads to neuropathy – a loss of feeling or loss of protective sensation in the feet.  If you have neuropathy, and are a diabetic, it is important to wear shoes that fit properly. If a diabetic wears poorly fitted shoes, sores may develop on the foot without being noticed, and complications such as infection can result.  To help avoid diabetic foot complications, the worst being amputation due to infection, a properly fitted shoe is recommended.

Medicare has now approved the coverage of custom fitted shoes for eligible diabetic patients. The podiatry offices of Dr. Charles Birk now offer a large selection of diabetic shoes for men and women that are custom fit to your foot. The shoes are on display for you to select from and styles range from sneakers to dress shoes. The shoes are of the highest quality, comfort and style and will also help reduce the adverse effects of diabetes on the feet.         

Dr. Charles Birk is a Diplomate, American Board of Podiatric Surgery and a Fellow of the American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons as well as certified in Ultrasound Diagnostic Technology, Shockwave Heel Pain Therapy (ESWT) and Board Certified in foot surgery.  Dr. Birk has offices in Cape May Court House and in Beesley’s Point.   To learn more about Diabetic shoes or other foot-related problems go to or call 609-465-1644 for an appointment.         

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