Rosacea is a very widespread dermatologic condition which can present in many different ways. A common perception is that rosacea is a persistent “rosy cheek” appearance of the face. While this may be true for some, rosacea has several presentations including redness that either comes and goes or is constant, pimple-like bumps, or even a lumpy, red, bulbous nose. It is often mistaken for acne, perioral dermatitis, seborrheic dermatitis (dandruff of the face) and other conditions that may mimic the signs and symptoms of rosacea. The treatment of rosacea may include trigger avoidance, topical medications, oral medications, or laser treatments. Triggers may include sun, heat, stress, alcohol, or spicy foods. If you are experiencing and bothered by face redness, rash, or bumps, you are encouraged to make an appointment for evaluation and treatment of your condition.

Brittany Sciullo APN, MSN, FNP has been a nurse practitioner for four years and a registered nurse for ten years. She is accepting patients in the Connolly Dermatology Linwood and Cape May Court House locations. For more information, call the Linwood office at 609-926-8899, the Cape May Court House office at 609-463-9933 or visit online