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VILLAS - The following is a statement from Lower Township Mayor Frank Sippel:

There are several new developments in Lower Township that I would like everyone to be aware of.

We have asked those that have second homes in our area, please do not visit the area at this time and increase the spread of the coronavirus.  

We have notified all campgrounds in the township that they are not permitted to open until further notice.

In addition, we have just enacted a resolution that prohibits the rental of online marketplaces for lodging also known as short term rentals. Some like Air BnB, VRBO and all others.

Again, these property owners are prohibited from renting their properties until further notice.  

Marketplace rentals are not required by State Law to obtain a Mercantile license, it is challenging to have every property identified.

Our police department along with code enforcement will do everything in their power to identify these properties and enforce this recent resolution. If you suspect a home is being rented that falls into this category, please call 886-2005 ext 113.

All your elected officials, the entire emergency management team and senior government officials have been working seven days a week and will continue this until this pandemic is behind us.

I cannot stress enough that social distancing is extremely important. Health experts say this is the best defense to mitigate the spread of the virus.

In addition, please wash your hands often. We all care about our residents, especially our senior population, please look after them.

 We also have a lot of residents that are out of work, we have five established food banks in the township. They are listed on the township website or you can call 886-2005 ext. 132, again that is 886-2005 ext. 132 for information.

If you can drop of some food for those affected that would be great. God bless everyone and please stay safe.