Tick, tick, tick. The clock seems to be moving slowly as the local fishing scene slowed with the recent closure of the Flounder season and the anticipated arrival of the fall Sea Bass season. Triggerfish, Bluefish, Mahi-Mahi, Tuna, and Swordfish, among others, were providing action though. 

Since the opening of Sea Bass season occurred yesterday, we will have more opportunities provided for our fishing pleasure. Let’s see what occurred this past week.

Capt. Bob, from Full Ahead Sport Fishing, had the “guys” busy on a recent trip as they were out catching Triggerfish. They were loaded with them, but it was still “quite an accomplishment" - why?  As Bob reported, “they had to root through a couple hundred Sea Bass to get it done."

Let's hope Sea Bass are around as their season opens.

The "Fishin’ Fever," and Capt. Tom, have been focusing on Swordfish recently. They had another successful trip early in the week, landing two fish that weighed 100 and 140 pounds. They also added “a bonus 60-pound Longfin Tuna."  

Capt. Mike from the "Miss Chris" checked-in, saying that they have stayed busy by catching a “good mix of Bluefish, Kingfish, as well as some exotics like Spanish Mackerel and Bonita."

 Capt. Skip from Stalker Fishing Charters has his skiff out and is cruising around his backwater spots. Whether early morning or late evening, his charters have been catching stripers and Bluefish. He reported the fish have been “blowing our topwater plugs clear out of the water."

There is nothing more exciting than seeing your plug get blasted on the surface. Call him at (609) 972-5218 for more information, or to book a trip.

Sterling Harbor Bait and Tackle reported that Shawn Bulifant struck again. Recently, it was a solid Spadefish from a local rock pile. His most recent catch was a 15-pound sheepshead - nice catch Shawn.

The "Sea Star III" had a slower period than Capt. Chuck would have wanted, but the weather and transitioning between seasons can do that to a great captain and boat. They were able to get out and catch a solid mixed bag of Bluefish, Weakfish, Kingfish, and a “few” Spanish Mackerel while fishing near Cape May Point, and also in the Rips.

Chuck is getting primed for the Oct. 8 opening of Sea Bass season. For the week, Frank Servocky was the main pool-winner with a 2-pound Bluefish.

 Capt. Zig from First Fish Adventures was fishing with the relentless fishing team of Capt. Joe Cunningham, Frank and Paul. Capt. Paul Black, Jr. was also aboard.

They “had a blast” catching two Yellowfin Tuna, a Big-Eye Tuna, a Swordfish, and a few Mah-Mahi - that sounds like a blast indeed.

Capt. Irv had the "Miss Avalon" staying busy over the weekend. They caught plenty of Triggerfish - keeping 35 -  plus porgies, cunners, and over 500 Sea Bass, which they “had to toss back." On the bright side, they had plenty of practice for when they become legal.

Give Capt. Irv or Capt. Brandon a call at (609) 967-7455 to grab a spot on an upcoming trip. They are booking their opening day trip, as are other boats, and those trips will occur before this issue comes out. Don’t worry though, as more trips will follow.

Avalon Hodge Podge checked in hearing that an angler, Gary, had a successful day of catching several Weakfish, keeping his one, and some Bluefish. He used fresh mullet for bait, so let that be a lesson as to what the hot bait in the area is.

They also reported “a great day” for “all aboard” the "Why Knot," which was fishing in the Wilmington Canyon. Anglers Joe Pellegrini, Brian Sallade, Chris Roth, and Sal Rosales caught multiple Mahi-Mahi and Tuna during a beautiful day on the water.

Boulevard Bait and Tackle reported that there was action over the weekend from the Sea Isle surf. Bluefish and Striped Bass were being caught which caused Cameron, the shop owner, to say that he saw it as “a sign of a great fall coming our way." Let's hope is interpretations are right.

Fin-Atics reported that George Robinson made a nice catch during a recent trip. He landed a “beautiful Mahi” that weighed a respectable 23.6 pounds. They report that the “water is still warm, with tons of fish still around" - nice catch George.

Sailors Delight Back Bay Fishing is traveling the backwaters and near inlets. They have been targeting Bluefish, Weakfish, and stripers. “Annoyingly,” they are still catching Flounder, unfortunately having to return them to the water.

It may not be what they are fishing for, but it is still great to see them around. Let’s hope they return next year, in season, after another opportunity to breed and keep the species growing. Meanwhile, if you want to get out and test your luck, call Capt. Stan or Capt. Andrew at (609) 827-8309. They have open trips and like to have a four-person minimum. Charters are also available daily for a group.  

Gone Fishin’ IV Sport Fishing Charters has open dates for Sea Bass season, so give Capt. Mark a call at (609) 425-8302.

It’s time for you to get out and get fishing. If you do, good luck, and let me know how you did.

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