The cool temperatures, combined with the wind and waves can easily lull many people to sleep.

That seems to have been the case, particularly over the weekend, as the reports were lighter, than in previous weeks. The fish nodded off a little too, but not completely as we have some wonderful highlights to report. Let’s get started. 

The "Avalon Lady" reported a successful trip through the past week. They have been catching keeper Fluke, Weakfish, and Bluefish. They will be sailing daily for the next two weeks, so plan to take a trip while the inlet and backwaters are hot.

The "Miss Avalon" is sailing daily - as the weather allows - so if you want to take a trip on the ocean, this is your opportunity. They have been catching Flounder, Bluefish, Sea Bass and an occasional Kingfish. They sail daily at 8 a.m. and 1 p.m.

Boulevard Bait and Tackle reported that fishing was great “at the inlet.” Angler Craig was tossing jigs for Bluefish - which he caught - but was also able to entice some Triggerfish to bite.

Fisherman Pat was near one of the local bridges where he was catching Bluefish. Metal spoons, epoxy jigs, and swimming plugs are the hot lures to consider throwing. The epoxy jigs were also useful if you want to target Spanish Mackerel and Bonita.

Cathy, from Sterling Harbor, mentioned that “a steady 20-mile per hour northeast wind” was blowing in through the front door as she prepared her report. That wind was killing fishing trips, but the earlier part of the week was where the action was.

Flounder were in the backwaters and near the inlets, as well as out-front in the ocean. Kingfish, Spike Weakfish, and Bluefish joined them.

The beachfront was busy with Snapper Bluefish and Kingfish, and they had company “in the suds” as “some nice size spot” and Flounder were also caught.

If you went offshore before the wind, “there were a few” Blue Marlin around as well as “plenty of White Marlin.” Mahi-Mahi and “an occasional” Yellowfin Tuna were also caught. Tile fishing was described as “excellent” over the “past week.”

The report concludes by saying that since the recent full moon “Blue Claw crabbing has been excellent.”

The "Sailor’s Delight" reported that “late August fishing is always a plethora.” They reported catches of keeper Flounder, Weakfish, Bluefish, Sea Bass, Porgies, Lizardfish, Sharks, Skates and Sea Robins - which was “all in one day.”

Now include a lot of those fish in each of three daily trips over a week, and you can see they have been busy.

The "Sea Star III" reports a tougher week as “drifting conditions were less than favorable” and the weather just didn’t cooperate.                             

Regardless, they caught Fluke and Sea Bass, then after moving “down to the mouth of the bay,” due to the wind, they caught Weakfish, Croakers, Bluefish, Kingfish, “and even Blowfish.”

Pool-winners and weights were Bob Rubeo, with a 2-pound Weakfish, Frank Servocky, who won twice, first with a 1.75-pound Bluefish then the next day with a 4.95-pound Fluke, Mike Birmingham with a 2.25-pound Fluke and finally, Alex Bell with a 3.20-pound Fluke.

The "Porgy IV," like others, has been battling the conditions, but is still putting keepers in the boat. Shawn Pottichen caught a 7.60-pound Fluke that helped him win a pool. Mike Jung was another pool-winner with a 5-pound Fluke, while Casey G. had a limit that included a 4-pounder. Everett Fleming caught a limit while also fishing on this trip.

The "Miss Chris," led by Capt. Mike, has been experiencing adequate fishing by the Point. They have caught keeper Fluke, Bluefish, and each day “more keeper Weakfish are showing up.” Matt Anderson caught a keeper Fluke on a trip after the windy weekend. They plan on running daily through September, with two daily four-hour trips, that depart at 8 a.m. and 1 p.m.

Congratulations to Len Andalis, who recently learned that his 90-pound, 6-ounce Cobia has been certified as a New Jersey state record. It topped the previous record of 87-pounds that was set in 1999.        

The 2019 Mid-Atlantic had an exciting “moving day,” as the tournament concluded. “Moving day” is the name given to the final day, as major changes often occur on the leaderboard. This year - with a tournament record of $3.52 million - was as exciting as hoped for.

The White Marlin category was being led by a 71-pounder going into the 5 p.m. start of the final weigh-in. That changed quickly as two 72-pounds fish were weighed in. The boat, "Intents" claimed $527,977 while the other, "Moore Bills" won $453,529. The third-place fish was worth $111,288.

Prior to the final day of the tournament, no qualifying Blue Marlin (minimum of 400-pounds) had been caught. With teams targeting them on Friday, four qualifiers were weighed in. A 630-pounder was the largest and was caught from the "Haulin’ and Ballin’," worth $556,365.

“Trash Man” finished second with a 549-pounder ($178,203). Third place at 473-pounds ($91,253) went to “Pipe Dreamer,” and the fourth largest, at 452-pounds, went to “Taylor Jean.”

Other winners were Curtis Macomber for first and second place in the Tuna Division with 226 and 207-pound Big Eyes (a tournament record of $802,275 for the Tuna division); Todd Dickerson ($68,361) and Curtis Campbell ($34,474) who split the Dolphin category with 33-pounders; and Ross Clubb ($1,410) who won the Wahoo division with a 33-pounder.

Though there were ties, the different amounts of money that both anglers won was due to the various Calcutta’s that the angler participated in.      

Notice: Early September has two local fishing activities that you may be interested in.

The Second Annual Two Day Flounder Tournament that benefits the ALS Association, will be held in Sea Isle City starting Sept. 6, and concluding Sept. 7. Fishing starts at sunrise Sept. 6, with the final weigh-in due by 5 p.m., and Sept. 7 at Sea Isle Bait and Tackle, which is located at 4114 Park Road.

You are allowed to weigh in one fish, with all areas open for fishing. Prizes go to the top three heaviest fish, with ties going to the longest fish. A dinner with an auction, raffles, and awards will be held from 6-10 p.m. at Townsend Inlet Yacht Club. Registration takes place Sept. 5, from 5-8 p.m. at Slack Tide Brewery.

The fee is $30 for adults, and $20 for junior anglers (14 and younger). Those interested can call 609-602-8957 for information.

The second is a surf fishing tournament that takes place Sept. 8. in Avalon. Registration is at 6 a.m. at Avalon Community Hall. Fishing commences at 7 a.m. Those interested can visit for information

If you get out, good luck and tight lines, and let me know how you did.  

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