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Adam Sneathen, with his pool-winning codfish. 

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Needless to say, we are in some strange times. We all know the restrictions we face, the pressures we feel and the questions we have. There are new rules to live by, and I'm sure there'll be more to follow.

Hopefully, you will be able to find relief by getting out and finding a quiet, productive stretch of water. Even if nothing is caught, just getting out will be worth it. If you can’t get to the water, maybe reading about others that did can help you relax.

Some people got out recently, so let’s see how they did.

The Cape May Lady took a long ride recently, and the trip proved worthwhile. They were tilefishing and returned to the dock with great catches. No weights were included, but the anglers were happy with the fish they caught. That’s all that matters, especially in times like these.

Adam Sneathen, a local angler, who’s been mentioned in the column before, took a trip up the Parkway and found himself in Belmar aboard the Ocean Explorer. His day was made worthwhile when he finished the day with a 10-pound codfish. Better yet, it also made him the pool-winner for the trip.

Another local, Ryan Morse, a freshwater fisherman, was recently fishing in Mays Landing. He was using bloodworms when he landed a 13-inch channel catfish. Thanks for submitting a picture and reporting, Ryan. Keep fishing, and good luck.

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Ryan Morse and a channel catfish.

Unfortunately, I received the announcement that the Wildwood Fishing and Boating Expo, an event many of us look forward to, and have used as an unofficial milestone to the start of the fishing season, has been canceled due to the coronavirus. This decision was made for the best interest of guests and vendors. The show's organizer plans on returning in 2021, “bigger and stronger than ever."

I haven’t heard of any adjustments to the schedules of our local fishing boats. Both charter and open boats are still aiming towards opening April 1, or a date close to that.

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A couple of nice golden tilefish. courtesy of the Cape May Lady.

Let's hope we can keep this option available and maintain some notion of normalcy. I’ll update this as news comes in.

Looking ahead, June 3 marks the opening of the South Jersey Tournament fishing season. The Captains Meeting, for the 40th Annual South Jersey Shark Tournament, will be that day, while June 4 marks the start of fishing. The tournament runs through June 6. For more information on this tournament and others, visit

If you get the opportunity to fish, either freshwater or saltwater, take advantage of it. Remember to adhere to the social spacing suggestions, and do what you can to keep yourself and others safe. Take care, let me know how you did, and I’ll see you around.

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