The fall sea bass season is now upon us, and so is this persistent summer-like weather. It seems like we should be in the middle of the summer offshore scene, but the calendar says October.

It is now official! The fall phase of sea bass season is upon us, and the local captains have definitely welcomed it and are happy with its arrival.

Well, it’s now official, so say goodbye to flounder fishing for another season. But as they say, when one door closes, another opens.

What a damper the recent windy, rainy, foggy weather had on the local fishing scene. It remains to be seen how the post-storm fishing will be, but the final trips of the flounder season will have been made by the time this column comes out.

A windy, wet weekend made for two fewer days of fishing, but it provided an option to get other things done.

Unfortunately the windy, gloomy and occasionally rainy weather put a damper on the early part of the Labor Day weekend festivities. Prior to Friday, fishing was just chugging along. It took a short break, but then returned for most of the local boats on Sunday. 

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Another week of good action that was capped with a weekend of wind. It may have slowed some, but not all. A couple of big flounder were caught from our local back waters, showing that there are still big fish available. 

Well, fishing seems to be kicking back in. The regular summer subjects are here, plus others such as croakers and spot are starting to finally show up. 

Well, another windy week with threats of scattered storms, and an early damper on the fishing that rebounded by the end of the week. Sound familiar? Unfortunately, that’s been the recent pattern.

It seems the theme in most reports this week is that the quiet lull we’ve been in has been broken. Terms like “the weather broke” or “fishing is getting back on track” were tossed into some of the reports.

The local fishing area took a hit from the recent stormy weather. Wind and rain cost a lot of anglers a weekend of fishing.

Obviously it’s not August yet, but this past week had the “dog days of summer” feel to it that goes more with that month.

Well, the hot weather of recent days has resulted in hot fishing during those same recent days. Summer flounder continue to be accounted for, as do weakfish, tuna, a few bluefish, triggerfish and the latest entrant, kingfish. 

Well, as has been the case recently, the bad weather, and sometimes just the threat of it, slowed down some of the people who wanted to go fishing. But not all, as we will read about. 

Hot, humid weather welcomed those who got out early in the week. Friday and Saturday, while still hot and humid, produced calm, still weather for the first time in a while. With that, though, came the gnats and other pesky insects that swarm on anglers when calm conditions allow. Some bug spray should help against them. Lots of the regular late spring fish that you expect to be around were caught, so all is good with that.

Hey! We’re down to two days till the opening of the 2018 summer flounder season. Before that though, some nice keeper-sized stripers are starting to show up, and the drum fish really took off this past weekend.

Well, after last week where fishing opportunities and reports were numerous, the wind and cold returned and fishing was somewhat challenged.