County Native to Appear on ‘Extreme Makeover: Home Edition’

Designer Carrie Locklyn seeks to improve lives and inspire through her work. 

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NORTH WILDWOOD – “Find what you are good at,” Carrie Locklyn said, during a phone interview Feb. 7, advising aspiring designers while describing her role in the upcoming “re-launch” of "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition" on HGTV.

Born and raised in Cape May County, Locklyn, 41, expressed pleasure in being one of the designers for the show, set to air Feb. 16.

"Extreme Makeover: Home Edition" originally aired on ABC, but ended in 2012. Now, alongside designers Darren Keefe and Breegan Jane, Locklyn takes another major creative step.

Locklyn and her fellow designers face the challenge of a total home renovation across the nation for “hometown heroes” – people who put their families and communities ahead of themselves.

From the streets of New York, Los Angeles and Philadelphia, her journey began with a dream to become a professional dancer, later diverting to acting and modeling. She left Cape May County at 17.

 "I changed directions," said Locklyn, describing her move to Los Angeles. After remodeling a house with her husband, Sky, Locklyn was the lead designer for the Travel Channel’s “Hotel Impossible” in 2016. She redesigned a hotel, in North Wildwood, on 25th Avenue.

Called the “get it done girl,” Locklyn seeks to put her family first, while embracing her creativity and inspiring others. Her style, influenced by her travels, “mixes classic lines with earthy undertones, creating spaces that are timeless, functional and ready to ‘live in.’”

Can a designer find the time to relax and come home again? According to Locklyn, the answer is yes, and she frequently travels back to the community where she grew up.

“Cape May is one of my favorite places,” Locklyn said.

For those who wonder if they could make it in the design world, Locklyn said, “Educate yourself in any way you can.”

Design is more than drawing and arranging furniture; math plays a large role, along with planning and organizational skills.

“Find your niche,” Locklyn said.

As in any field, taking risks comes with the territory, as one considers if the path ahead is truly theirs to take. For Locklyn, the path diverged from acting and modeling before settling in design.

Locklyn finds joy “in sharing stories, and knows the positive impact that changing someone’s sanctuary can have on the human spirit.”

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