Flamingos from Local Zoo Came From Michael Jackson's Ranch


COURT HOUSE — With much attention turned to the trial of Michael Jackson's doctor, Conray Murray, Cape May County has a tie to the late singer.

The Cape May County Zoo is home to Flamingos originally from Michael Jackson’s Neverland Ranch.

Approximately two years ago, the Cape May County Zoo received thirteen Chilean Flamingos from the Neverland Ranch.

The Flamingos can be found in the Flamingo Yard in the zoo. Flamingos at the Cape May County Zoo, summer outside in the Flamingo yard and winter inside the World of Birds Aviary. The Chilean Flamingos are the smallest flamingos in the yard as well as the most numbered. In all, 16 flamingos reside at the zoo with 13 of them being the Chileans.

All Flamingos are Carnivores and eat invertebrates such as shrimp. At the Cape May County Zoo, Flamingos are served a special food just for the flamingos. Uniquely this bird is a filter feeder like the baleen whales. They take up water into their hooked beak and expel the water trapping shrimp and other invertebrates with comb-like structures in its bill called Lamellae.

Some Facts:

It is true that without their special diet they would lose their pink color.

Did you know that what appears to be the flamingo’s knees are actually its ankles.

They often stand on one leg and will shift back and forth one up and one down to rest.