Cape May Forum asks “Can Humor Save the World?


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CAPE MAY — Cape May Forum will present four days of education, inspiration and entertainment here Oct. 8- 11.

The forum features four key presentations by leading authorities exploring how Humor shapes our world, from Politics to the Arts, and even our Health.

Over thirty events in and around Cape May:

Theater, Film, Art, Seminars, Children's Programs, even a trolley tour of the follies and secret history of Cape May all devoted to our theme on humor.Special Offer:” Humor: Can it Save the World?"

Special VIP 3-Day 'Pass Plus' $99.00pp (regular price $135.00) includes all four key speaker presentations plus great food and fun at The Comedy Club party at the Beach Shack.

Value 3-Day Pass $75.00pp(regular price $100.) Includes all four speaker presentations.

A limited number of individual event tickets are available: @ $25.00 per event, Comedy Club Party at the Beach Shack @ $35.00. For tickets and Information 609-770-2626

Sunday Evening Comedy Club & BBQ Dinner Party at the Beach Shack Starring TV and Stage comedians Sassi Keegan and Mary Dimino, Oct. 10th 7-9PM Enjoy great food and laughs.

Two of New York City's most sought-after professional comedians, Sassi Keegan and Mary Dimino, will keep guests in stitches and delight the crowd with their interactive 90-minute Comedy Club show. This is great family fare (PG-rated.) Here's your chance to enjoy two great stand-up comedians fresh from the NY stage and Comedy Central, right here in Cape May. Ticket includes show and food. Cash bar available.Tickets are $35.00 or 'just about free' as part of the VIP Pass package.

Cape May Forum Speakers:

Professor John Morreall keynote speaker and moderator, leads the discussions on the History of Humor in American Life. Professor and Chair of the Religious Studies Department at the College of William & Mary, and President of Humorworks, a consulting firm specializing in humor in the workplace. He has been teaching university courses on humor since 1983. His sixty articles and five books on humor include Humor Works, published by Human Resource Development Press. His work has been featured in the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, the Chicago Tribune, the Washington Post, The Economist, Forbes, and Financial Times.

"From the Pilgrims to the Simpsons: A History of Humor in American Life" Saturday, October 9, 2010 10 AM First Presbyterian Church, 500 Hughes St.

"Funny Business: Putting Humor to Work: Dr. John Moreall.In the last twenty years, as the American workplace has gone through unprecedented changes, many of them potentially disturbing, something funny happened.

The old "Nose to the Grindstone" Work Ethic has been supplemented by a new Play Ethic in which humor takes center stage. Companies like Southwest Airlines have made humor part of their corporate culture, and in doing so have kept both their employees and customers happy.

We'll explore many examples of humor in business to see how it reduces stress, promotes creative problem-solving, fosters teamwork, and serves as a social lubricant.

Monday, October 11, 2010 10 AM First Presbyterian Church, 500 Hughes St.

Thomas Cathcart and Daniel Klein:

Becoming best-selling authors surprised even Tom and Dan. After majoring in philosophy at Harvard, Tom and Dan pursued the usual philosophical careers. Tom was a probation officer, worked with street gangs in Chicago, did similar work with doctors for Blue Cross and Blue Shield, and was COO of a hospital, all the while going to and dropping out of various divinity schools. Meantime, Dan wrote jokes for various comedians, including Flip Wilson and Lily Tomlin, designed stunts for Candid Camera, co-created the board game, 'Group Therapy', and then settled down to the literary life, ghost-writing a best-selling sex manual and penning several thrillers and mysteries, including the Elvis Presley detective series. "

"Can Humor Really Save the World? What, Are You Kidding? You Think Its That Easy to Save the World? Please" Cathcart and Klein:

A provocative and, to tell the truth, rather depressing look at humor entitled, Saturday, October 9, 2010 4 PM First Presbyterian Church, 500 Hughes St.

Petie Subin MA, RDT of Gilda's Club South Jersey is a Registered Drama Therapist and is a Certified Addictions Specialist who has extensive training and experience in applying role playing techniques. Her education includes a BA from Cornell University in Speech and Drama and a MA from Farleigh Dickinson University in Human Development. She combines her drama therapy and psychodrama expertise with her knowledge of individual and family dynamics and translates these issues into an array of stimulating workshops.

"Laughter and Play for the Health of It"

This session is for anyone looking for fun and smiles! Sunday, October 10, 10:15 am Cape May Stage, 405 Lafayette St.

May Stage) Free for children ages 6-12

For information and tickets, contact: or call (609) 770-2626.

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