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About Seton Hall Esports

Championship winner Seton Hall esports is a program combining initiatives across research, academics, and student engagement. The esports program features fifteen students as the team members, representing them in esports league and tournament play. Currently, Seton Hall participates in the League of Legends tournament and the Rocket League, where they've continued winning despite the challenges that have been there.

Seton Hall Esports Roster

For New Jersey esports punters, Seton Hall is among the best teams in the Rocket League, led by talented esports players. In the Rocket League, the squad is led by captain Antonio Riozzi (Tone), with other players including Matthew Greene (Greene), Brandon Cordiano (Vibez), Connor O'Reilly (Breezy), and James Heid (Jimbo).

In the League of Legends tournament play, Seton Hall Esports is led by New Jersey-native captain Keith Kofoed (PleaseBePatient). Other players include midlaner Michael Kao(Windy Day), jungler Justin Lee (FlurberBurbler), ADC Ian Kropliak (Krop), Jungler Ryan Kijevcanin (IvernedThis Rank), and Dennis Cheng (Miza) for support. 

Seton Hall Esports Gaming Facilities 

For Seton Hall Esports, the last two and half years have been an incredible tale of partnerships, hard work, and grit. The team recently unveiled their new esports lab, an operation base that has served them well since the program's launch.

Seton Hall University completed the state-of-the-art esports facility and computer lab in 2019, loaded with optimized computers for their students' competitive and recreational needs. The esports center and gaming lounge are found in Jubilee Hall, fifth floor, featuring 16 game-ready desktop computers with Rocket League, League of Legends, and Overwatch already installed. Students can also access 17 more desktop computers in the room.

The gaming center also has gaming chairs, headsets, mice, keyboards, and monitors to display the gameplay on all the 16 gaming-ready desktops in the room. Players also get access to consoles in the esports facility, including Microsoft Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and Sony's Playstation 4. This facility is sometimes open to students throughout the week, although it's mainly used for practice by Seton Hall's gaming team and hosting Big East tournaments. 

The Rising Pirates

Considering the performance of the Seton Hall esports team (the Pirates) over the last two years, it's evident their future inside and outside the classroom is bright. Even better, Professor Derek Larson, who teaches a game design course in the university, hopes to see the students creating and launching their games through the on-campus esports lab. 

The Pirates have won two Big East titles, and the excitement has spread to the program's alumni, who organized an esports alumni panel last year. Seton Hall alumni Nichola Zeitlinger and Bryan Yeoh launched Collegiate Esports Blog, which takes their firsthand experience in the gaming scene to reporting esports news. Their blog closely follows Big East Esports in League of Legends to offer profiles, feature news and much more. 

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