Cape May light house by bird sanctuary

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Whether you are seeking an all-American family beach vacation, a romantic journey, or a delightful serene environment, Cape May’s charm will leave you perfectly enamored. From the pages of history to the latest technological advancements, Cape May or famously known as American’s original seaside resort, has everything to offer. It has been a premier summertime gateway for decades, and still, its charisma is attracting the new blood over and over again.

This tiny town located in the heart of New Jersey houses less than 3500 residents but welcomes more than 50,000 vacationers every year. It’s located about 160 miles south of New York City, 95 miles southeast of Philadelphia, and just 45 miles of Atlantic City, New Jersey.      

The pristine beauty of beaches and soothing scenes of nature engraved on the walls of history made authorities declare the whole town as National Historic Landmark. There’s an unending list of attractions that can make your eye blows glow in wonder, but let’s consider a very few reasons why you should travel to Cape May, NJ, especially during the summer season. Here you will also step by step guide, making your stay at the pristine windswept shores a lot easier and enjoyable. 

History of the Town

The glorious history of Cape May makes it a more favorable option for tourists to explore. Six hundred preserved Victorian Buildings and a collection of quaint cottages with bed-and-breakfast make tourists lost in the splendor of the Bygone Era. Cape May has a long history of national service in the battleground, especially during the clashes of World War II. Still, more than 30% of Cape May’s population is associated with the Armed Forces of the United States of America. 

Where To Stay and What to Eat

Cape May has stayed so close to its roots that you won’t find any hotel chains even in the modern era. If you go out to search for restaurants in Cape May NJ, you will only get quaint bed-and-breakfast cottages close to nature. Either you are coming from Newark Airport or New York City, Jersey shores are always there to welcome you in their traditional styles. If you have decided to stay for some time in the serene environment of this lovely place, then these best restaurants in Cape May NJ will make your stay memorable. 

Congress Hall

This old but gold all-in-one restaurant has everything ready for you. With luxurious accommodations and sizzling sceneries of the beachfront, Congress Hall serves travelers from the last one and a half-century. Yes, you read it write, Congress Hall opened its doors for travelers in 1879. 

Along with accommodation, you will get a towel, chairs, umbrella, and a soothing spa treatment. There are specialized pools for families and adults with multiple solutions to your hunger needs. So, if hunger strikes, dine at Blue Pig Tavern. Even though the summer season is meant for hotness, but the coffee here is a must. So, never miss the opportunity of enjoying sips of tea or coffee while sitting on a cold, rocky chair. 

In addition to Congress Hall, Beach Shack and Virginia Cottages have a lot more to offer. There are multiple other eye-catching exclusive locations that you must visit once, at least in your life. Union Park Dining Room or Blue Rose Inn and Restaurants are some top-notch locations to wipe out your hunger. 

Things to Consider 

There are tons of things to do in Cape May NJ, but a few considerations that most people ignore result in compromised fun. So, if you want to enjoy endless fun with calm and serenity, then you must count on these things before you go there:


Due to the heavy load of vacationers, you might not find a suitable place to park your car. So, it’s always preferable to hire some car service from New Jersey or wherever you are coming from to avoid the hassle of finding a parking place. Even while traveling on roads of Cape May, prefer to go on foot; otherwise, you might not find a suitable place for your vehicle.  

Beach Tags

If you have already visited Cape May, then you might be aware that beach tags are mandatory for everyone -age more than 12 years. They are usually required at the entrance of the beach, so if you are staying for one or two days, then daily tags of $6 per day will work best for you. But if you are planning to stay longer, then buy one time $30 beach tag for the whole season.   

The Bottom Line

Life is short, so spend it enjoying and exploring the beauties of nature spread all around you, and Cape May is best among all. Just pack your essentials, pick up the cash as most of the restaurants out there don’t accept cards, and plan ahead if you are thinking of going for self-cooking as you won’t find any superstores in Cape May. Book your ride and be ready to experience the incredible journey of your life. 

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