The Fishing Line

The fish of the week seemed to be Mahi-Mahi, but Wahoo had a couple of nice contenders to finish strong. We received many reports in which Mahi were the featured fish.

Joey, the horse who helped raise thousands of dollars for hospitalized children, died May 17 at his stable. He was 30.

Woodbine residents are reminded of the annual rabies clinic, free to borough residents sponsored by the borough March 9, from 10 a.m. to noon, at the Woodbine Ambulance Corps Building/Public Safety facility on DeHirsch Avenue.

Kathleen Mahoney’s grandson Daniel Klenicki joins them in Toys for Tots at Dogtooth Bar and Grill in memory of their son Matt who always loved the spirit of giving at Christmas.

Every Christmas Nancy Trombino of Cape May decorates her mantle with a different theme. 

There is a small-town way up north in a mountain valley where it snows a lot in the winter months. 

In my early adult years I did not always love God and myself. My family's love has respect and differences of lifestyle across the miles.

It was about 7 o'clock in the morning when I got out of bed. I was so excited.  It was my fifth Christmas. I was growing up.

The greatest gift that was ever given, Cannot be found in a store. You can't buy it off of Amazon, Santa can't bring it to your door.

Christmas is: Time for children, Time for adults, Don’t leave out those seniors, too.

The Prophet Isaiah prophesied hundreds of years before Christ was born "For unto us a Child is born Unto us a Son is given" showing Christ's humanity and deity.

“Brandy, let’s go for a walk.” Brandy, came bounding out of the kitchen, tail wagging.

Christmas of '67 was my first Christmas away from home, and even if I wasn't alone, I was lonely.

Patten leather shoes, matching purse, crinoline, lace, anklets and curls.

Once upon a Christmas dinner, there were six to eight people gathered around a beautiful table with china, crystal, select wines, and an expensive roast.

For my brother's 50th birthday, my mother and I decided to give him a weekend away with his wife. We volunteered to watch his 10-year old son. 

It was Christmas Eve 1967, and a little more than a month before the Great Tet Offensive of 1968. 

Shop owners reeve thin twine through Yuletide wreaths of pine and holly, bejeweled with white night lights and perched on street posts for a few brief weeks.