DENNISVILLE - The scene at the Dennis Township Primary School Feb. 28 evoked feelings of nostalgia, as the school's gymnasium was transformed into a classic drive-in movie theater.

According to a release, students created automobiles out of cardboard boxes, and parked their creations in front of the big screen where they enjoyed a movie and a snack.

Joe Longmore, the school's security guard, organized the event. He explained his idea behind the special day as, "...a way for the kids to see me in a different light. I wanted them to know that I am here to keep them and the school safe. This was a fun way to show them that."

Kindergartener, Benjamin Matthews described the day in simpler terms, he called it "Super cool!"

Teachers and students had a great time at the school's first "Drive-In Movie Day."

Many expressed their hope that it would become a yearly tradition. Longmore, "Mr. Joe" (as the students call him) chose a winning car from each class.

When asked if he would change anything, he said with a smile, "I wish I bought every kid a prize. They all did a phenomenal job."

The winners of this competition were: Addison Bakley, Paisley Dehainaut, Juliette Visram, Quinn Brown, Preston Fowler, and Kiyra Shetler.