Cape Tech Announces National Honor Society Inductees

Cape Tech National Honor Society Inductees.

Front row from left: Isabella Henney, Emily Pasceri, Brittany Tharp, Alexandria Wilder, Nicole Wright, Jayne Seitz, Marina Zolna, Gina Tack, Ruby Redmond, Cameron Muir, Danielle Lockwood, Macy Gregory, Sarah Cormican, Calvin Nguyen

Middle row from left: Alexandria Boehm, Sarah Schall, Rocio Matias Alberto, Alan Bautista, Samuel Scarcelli, John Lim, Cassidy Hendee, Diana Jones, Emily Clark, Yiannis Kossyvakis, Keara Sorenson, Justin Lee, Edward Oakley

Back row from left: Mathew Carrion, Olivia Albrecht, Robert Murray, Jamie Butler, Hailey Niederberger, Jack Cleffi, Nick Orsini, Cooper Gehring, Charles France, Anthony Piazza, Anthony Paluch, Gerardo D'Antonio. Absent: Olivia Jordan

CREST HAVEN - Thirty-nine pupils from Cape May County Technical High School were inducted into the school’s James S. Kilpatrick National Honor Society March 1.  

Membership requirements include a grade point average of 3.6, demonstrated leadership, service, scholarship, and character qualities.

According to a release, senior Inductees were:   Rocio Matias Alberto, Danielle Lockwood, Hailey Niederberger, and Alexandria Wilder.

Junior Inductees were:  Olivia Albrecht, Alan Bautista, Alexandria Boehm, Jamie Butler, Mathew Carrion, Emily Clark, Jack Cleffi, Sarah Cormican, Gerardo D’Antonio, Charles France, Cooper Gehring, Macy Gregory, Cassidy Hendee, Isabella Henney, Diana Jones, Olivia Jordan, Yiannis Kossyvakis, Justin Lee, John Lim, Cameron Muir, Robert Murray, Calvin Nguyen, Edward Oakley, Nicholas Orsini, Anthony Paluch, Emily Pasceri, Ruby Redmond, Samuel Scarcelli, Sarah Schall, Jayne Seitz, Keara Sorenson, Brittany Tharp, Nicole Wright, and Marina Zolna.

Honor Society members taking part were:  President, Carina Filemyr; Vice President, Kennedy Peirson; Secretary, Janea Tozer-Murphy; Treasurer, Joseph Verdade; Historian, Amanda Sciandra; Parliamentarian, Elyssa Zaccaria; and Member At Large, Kala Miller.

Principal Steven Vitiello of Cape May County Technical High School, delivered the words of greeting.  

Gina Tack, National Honor Society advisor, delivered the closing remarks.  

David Billig, Cape May County Technical High School distinguished graduate, delivered the keynote address.  

Chef Dave Masterson, teacher of Culinary Arts Technology, and his students prepared hors d’oeuvres for the new inductees and their parents to celebrate.    

Jonathan Niemira, teacher of Entertainment Production Technology, and his students provided the light and sound for the event.