It is not every day that we take a moment to enjoy our earth, learn how it works, and how we can protect it.  Woodbine Elementary School, profoundly committed to these efforts, decided to commit an entire school week to “green” education and environmental responsibility in coordination with Earth Day efforts. 

Reduce, reuse, and recycle are the common themes you will be delighted to see as you walk down the hallway of the quaint and colorful education building committed to the community that they serve. A classroom versus classroom contest was held to show what each class was learning about the earth and the need to take care of it. Door decorations varied from education on why acid rain exists, the need for honey bees, the importance of the recycling process and beyond. 

There were not many kids in the hallways this week though. Lessons were outside facilitating a love for clean air and gardening. Students tidied up the school grounds and learned lessons about littering. Farming activities were held outside in the working garden not far from the new Woodbine Eco-Park, the first phase of which was recently completed with the same mission, to enjoy the Earth as it is and to inspire a love for Mother Earth.

The Woodbine Elementary School made some changes, earlier in the year, to be committed to making their cafeteria more Earth friendly. Opting for fewer disposable kitchen items and encouraging recycling at lunch time. In addition, recycling of items such as Crayola markers and other normal classroom consumables has become a priority.

The week was filled with lessons and learning as each student took an oath to promise to be a friend to the Earth today and every day, a promise they intend to stay committed to for a lifetime.