Hybrid Learning’s Coming to Cape Christian

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The education world changed March 16. Like all schools, teaching at Cape Christian Academy moved from classrooms to at-home online instruction. Since their students were previously assigned school Chromebooks, email addresses, and access to Google classrooms, they were ready and able to quickly adjust.

While online learning this spring was somewhat of a surprise to them, the students have been planning something similar for the next school year.

CCA is seizing the opportunity to implement a hybrid school model, where students in kindergarten through 12th grade can attend Cape Christian Academy for two or three days a week and learn remotely from home during the other days. This program will be offered as an additional option to their five-day traditional program. Many families are seeking an alternative form of education for such a time as this, and this model is an effective bridge that is appealing to many across the country.

This hybrid school is modeled after a university-style elementary/junior high program that is used in other Christian and secular environments, as an effective model of education.

CCA is growing an existing partnership with Lancaster Bible College, where high school students can earn college credits through their CCA classes. CCA is also partnering with Dance Dynamics, in Oceanview, to provide the general education portion of their new performing arts academy. For more information about this program, see www.capechristianacademy.com/hybrid, or call the school, at (609) 465-4132.

Students at CCA receive an excellent education established on God’s word and are trained to have a biblical world view. With high expectations for this new program, they trust it will be another successful component in fulfilling their motto, “Learning in the Light of Christ”.

Until they can physically resume operations at the school, they will be holding virtual school tours and meetings with new families. All those interested can make arrangements by contacting the school, at (609) 465-4132 or info@capechristianacademy.com.