Faith Guides Local Contractor

Mike Affet seeks to honor God in his work and relationships. 

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RIO GRANDE – “I could fly under the radar, but I don’t,” Mike Affet said Nov. 4. Sitting amid the bustle of a busy Rio Grande coffee shop, Affet, of Cape May, opened a door into the life of a contractor trying to grow his business.  

Yet, for Affet, life is more than growing a business. He is a father, son, church member, and follower of Jesus Christ. In a world altered by the coronavirus pandemic, Affet seeks to live by faith, even when the journey grows long.   

City to Shore 

Affet, 44, a descendent of Sicilian immigrants, grew up in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He owes his penchant for painting to his stepfather.  

“I was thrust into it,” he explained.  

In his teen years, Affet added to his skill set, including carpentry, tiling, etc. Today, Affet’s motivation springs from service, not wanting to promote himself.  

“I want to try to honor God by doing it the right way,” he said.  

Life is not always easy, as Affet described.  

“My dad died when I was young,” he explained.  

He described his childhood as a series of moves and searching for meaning. Eventually, his family relocated to Cape May County, in 2007. He lived in Wildwood Crest for a time.   

New Perspective, Life 

According to Affet, he was raised in the Roman Catholic tradition, but felt a void within. While living in Philadelphia, he found his way to Calvary Chapel, a nondenominational church. He explained how he came to believe that salvation is found in Jesus Christ alone, in 2014.  

“It’s been a long journey,” he said.  

Today, he and his 12-year-old daughter attend Calvary Chapel, in Erma.  

“I love my church family. I am blessed to have them,” he added.  

The responsibilities of parenting in a troubled world are real for Affet, but he seeks to rely on the Bible for guidance and instruction. A single parent, Affet wants his daughter to know how faith plays out in daily life.  

“I teach my daughter, so she’s ahead of the game,” he explained.   

Building a Future  

Affet says he looks to God as a business owner. By “not chasing the dollar,” he said he focuses on quality work and ethical business practices, i.e., having proper insurance, paying taxes, etc.  

“I’m not in a rush to make my business big,” he clarified.  

He works alongside a “small crew” that currently operates as independent contractors. He hopes to put his crew “on the books” soon.  

By dealing honestly with clients and finishing projects, Affet continues establishing his reputation across the county. For him, work is about building relationships.  

According to media sources, trade workers are in high demand due to labor shortages in the aftermath of the coronavirus pandemic.  

“I’m not a high school or college grad,” Affet said.  

He hopes his story will inspire others, regardless of their past or circumstances.  

He views life as a spiritual battle against evil that can’t be seen. The enemy is not Covid, or people, according to Affet. Fear and confusion are not from God.  

His business card bears the emblem of the American flag and Christian cross.  

“I love my country,” he added.  

Affet looks forward to growing as a businessman, father, and Christian.  

"I want to help others understand who God is,” he concluded.   

Faith Matters is an ongoing series exploring the connection between individuals and their faith, impacting their families, community, and beyond. Those with a story of faith 

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