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It is easy to spend a few dollars here and there, but not realize how much it all adds up together. Here are a few simple and easy tips to save money every day.

Do not shop for groceries while you are hungry

 It sounds simple, but it is the difference between buying what you need and spending additional money which could be spent on other purchases. All those $3.99 items you toss in your cart while you’re shopping hungry add up quickly!

Write a list and stick to it

 Sticking to your grocery list is the surefire way to buy exactly what you planned to on any particular shopping trip. It’s hard to resist the items at the check-out, but if you think ahead and write down what you might want to purchase, it doesn’t leave the option of purchasing to chance. Sticking to your list will also help keep you from buying items that may ultimately go to waste.

Observe the 30 day rule

 If there is an item you really want, spend 30 days thinking about it before taking the plunge and making the purchase. It is easier to wait 30 days to determine if you are just making an impulse purchase, or you are buying something you seriously want or need. If you wait 30 days and decide not to purchase, you will have saved yourself money just by waiting!

Be mindful

When the allure of going shopping online or in store is too tempting, opt to exercise instead! Go for a mindful walk, away from the phone or computer and just observe nature. It is easy to get lost in the digital world and spend money which you are not physically handing over. The outside is free and fresh air is a great way to get your mind off material items. Going out and getting some exercise is good for your wallet and your body!

Ask for help

Being afraid to ask for help is something that many people struggle with, but is ultimately a disservice to you. If you are having trouble or feeling disheartened, talk to friends and family – you never know what someone else is going through.

If you ask for advice, you might just learn something about yourself and also get some good suggestions. It never hurts to ask for help.