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CAPE MAY -- The City of Cape May, in partnership with the Chamber of Commerce of Greater Cape May and the Small Businesses of the Washington Street Mall, is proud to announce this year’s winners in the annual Cape May Easter Fashion Stroll. The Easter Fashion Stroll took place pril 1, at 1 p.m., in Rotary Park.

Boys-3 years of age and under:

1st place: Bennett Brindisi-Brigantine, NJ

2nd place: Logan Hespmosse-Rahway, NJ

3rd place: Kaleb Padia- Rio Grande, NJ

Girls-3 years of age and under:

1st place: Eve Brockman- Rio Grande, NJ

2nd place: Julianna Hurd- Ivyland,PA

3rd place: Everly O’Connell- Archibald,PA

Boys-4-6 years of age:

1st place: Cooper Dimiao- North Cape May, NJ

2nd place: Twins Gavin & Dylan Gerace- Cape May, NJ 

3rd place: Jasse Hurd- Ivyland, PA

Girls-4-6 years of age:

1st place: Veronica Meir- Galloway, NJ

2nd place: Lillie McCurdy- Jackson, NJ

3rd place: Vera Bailey- Sewell, NJ

Boys-7-9 years of age:

1st place: Gavin Bailey- Sewell, NJ

2nd place: Daniel Woerner- Mantua, NJ

3rd place: Alb Luca-New York, NY

Girls-7-9 years of age:

1st place: Jade DiCriscio-Cape May, NJ

2nd place: Giada Gagliardatto-New York, NY

3rd place: Arianna Lespinagge-Raway, NJ

Girls-10-12 years of age:

1st place: Catherine Cosden-Bensalem, PA

2nd place: Sloane Wolfe- Cape May, NJ

3rd place: Catherine Jennings- Cape May, NJ

Girls-13-18 years of age:

1st place: Arden Wolfe-Cape May, NJ

2nd place: Alba Luca-New York, NY

3rd place: Sabrina Kratochwill, Mt. Laurel, NJ

Best Dressed Man:

1st place: Chris Cronin-Cape May, NJ

2nd place: Joseph Cosden-Bensalem, PA

3rd place: James Williams-Cape May, NJ

Best Dressed Lady:

1st place: Dolores Davis-Cape May, NJ

2nd place: Mary McGovern-Cape May, NJ

3rd place: Cat Cronin-Cape May, NJ

Best Dressed Couple:

1st place: Jesse & Julianna Hurd-Ivyland, PA

2nd place: Joseph & Eileen Kratochwill-Mt. Laurel, NJ

3rd place: Noah & Eve Brockman-Rio Grande, NJ

Best Dressed Family:

1st place: Rob Evelyn Family-Rio Grande, NJ

2nd place: Fox Family-Philadelphia, PA

3rd place: Kratochwill Family-Mt.Laurel, NJ

Best Bonnet Youth:

1st place: Julianna Hurd- Ivyland, PA 

2nd place: Grace Brockman-Rio Grande, NJ

3rd place: Jessica Hurd- Ivyland, PA

Best Bonnet Adult:

1st place: Linda Vargo: North Cape May, NJ

2nd place: Cat Cronin: Cape May, NJ

3rd place: Mary Marlin: Wildwood, NJ

2018 Cape May Easter Fashion Stroll Gift Donors:

Toy Shop of Cape May, Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream, Original Fudge Kitchen, Making Waves, Wish You Were Here, Mid Atlantic Center for the Arts, Splash, Lace Silhouettes, Love The Cook, Swede Things, RSK Coffee & Donuts, Cape Publishing, D’May  Home Gallery, Lynn Arden’s Children’s Shop, Whale’s Tale, Cotton Company, Henry’s Jewelers, and Mary Ann’s.

For additional information, visit, or contact The City of Cape May at (609) 884-9565.