Protective Wellness Barriers from Office Concepts Can Help Prevent Spreading Germs

Protective Wellness Barriers, such as the one pictured, can help prevent the spread of germs, especially the novel coronavirus.

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Our staff and customers mean everything to us. Your staff, customers, and patients mean everything to you. We cannot survive or continue as small business people without them.

Let’s protect them and give them a comfort level when they enter and roam throughout our offices, stores, restaurants, and retail establishments.

The coronavirus is not going away yet. We must be prepared, and we must protect everyone that enters our establishments.

Quickly and securely separate space in any environment with an acrylic counter shield. A recyclable counter shield can stand up to harsh cleaners to ensure a sanitary environment for all customers and healthcare professionals.

Counter shields ship in 48 hours. Protect employees and customers with our high quality, professionally designed clear acrylic wellness panels.

Our see-through protective barriers have a smooth-edged opening on the bottom for safe document and currency exchange and are available in a variety of widths and heights to shield your entire work surface.

Wellness Guards can be mounted with free-standing feet for a movable solution or be permanently fixed to your countertop or work surface. Easy to disinfect and clean, they are an effective solution to keep your work environment safe and virus-free.

  • Panels are available in several widths and heights for maximum coverage
  • A cutout is 4” high and extends the full width of the panel less 6” from each side
  • All acrylic edges are sanded for a smooth finish
  • ¼” thick Acrylic is easy to disinfect and clean
  • Removable and permanent mounting options available
  • Made in the United States
  • Customization available – special materials, sizes, shapes, and mounting option

Our Wellness Privacy Panels will provide the level of comfort and protection that you need. This level of wellness comfort should not be measured in dollars, but in the knowledge that being prepared will help keep everyone safe.

Invest in their future and ours. A few well-spent dollars now will be returned to our businesses in the months to come.

Let us help you. Reach out now, and get this done today. You will be rewarded not only with business income but with the knowledge that you provided a safe environment for all staff, customers, and patients.

For more information, contact Office Concepts, in Egg Harbor Township, at (609) 569-9191, or visit them online, at

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