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We need your help in locating classmates who are “MIA”! The LCMR Class of 1970 will hold its 50th Reunion (one year late) on October 16, 2021. If you have contact information for individuals listed below please call (609) 602-2299 or (609) 425-7492.

Lilian Becica

Paul Bennett

Keith Bigwood

Edward Burkhart

Katherine Coover

James Coulter

John Day

Sallie Faringer

Carol Engler

Carol Dinkins

Lynn Haas

Barbara Hallman

Thomas Hamilton

Emily Hand

William Hess

Jerry Hobbs

William Hodsen

Patricia Hughes

Bonnie Jaggard

June Labar

Karen McKeown

Richard Murphy

Frank Olszewki

Karen Rikards

Margie Roth

Linda Schwartz

Kathleen Sembertrand

Linda Smith

Barbara Smeltzer

Patricia Smith

Mike Stengel

Ned St. John

David Stout

Donna Walter

Debra Weaver

James Trimball

Sherry Bakley

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