Stepping into the Alumni Grill located at the corner of Oak and Pacific aves. in downtown Wildwood, you will see the support that owners Jenifer Robinson and Michael DeClemente have for all Cape May County High Schools.

Once inside, there is a feeling of walking through the school halls surrounded by the memorabilia of the area high schools. The unique menu items are written in white chalk on a black board.

Their creative menu categories are catchy titles such as, Home Room with appetizer and sides, Health Class with refreshing salad selections, Math Class are hardy burger selections, and so much more.

When choosing from the Art Class (wraps) some of the selections you see include the Valedictorian, Honor Roll, Exchanges Student, Student Council and the WCHS.

The WCHS (Wildwood Catholic High School) wrap has become a very popular order, not just because it is a tasty fired chicken breast, romaine, tomato with ranch dressing and hot sauce wrap, but because brother and sister, Jen and Michael know the struggles that WCHS have endured in the recent years in order to continue their commitment to Cape May County education.

Jen and Michael realize the support efforts must continue for WCHS, and that’s why a portion of profit of the WCHS wrap goes directly to Wildwood Catholic High School.

Here’s an added thought — choose your favorite shake from the milk shake bar to go with you meal or simply as a special treat.

They are open daily from 11 a.m.-8 p.m.

You can stop in today, or even view their full menu at