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What do you do when a global pandemic threatens your family business? You start another to save it!

Cape May County’s Vacation Rental business has been hard-hit by the Human Coronavirus. Even when Cape May County towns re-opened, travel restrictions threatened to keep guests away. Despite social distancing rules, many guests feared infection and threatened to cancel their stays.

To save the Vacation Rental Business they have operated for more than 20 years, the McKenney-Krieg family began to research Disinfecting and Sanitizing products, hoping that using them in the family’s properties would make guests feel safe. It did not take long for the family to realize that there was a broad need for what they were researching.

Cape Cleanse, LLC started operation in April. Each family member has a role, led by Megan McKenney Krieg and husband, Cory Krieg, who run Sales and Operations. Parents, Tedd and Mary McKenney, have responsibility for Purchasing and Bookkeeping, while still operating their Vacation Rental business.  

The company reached out to local realtors, business owners, property managers, and cleaners to explain their disinfecting and hand sanitizing products and services and quickly gained their trust. Cape Cleanse boasts nearly 300 residential and commercial clients throughout Cape May County.

“Cape May MAC partnered with Cape Cleanse to sanitize our six trolleys,” stated Jody Allesandrine, MAC Director and CEO. “We have referred Cape Cleanse to our other non-profit friends in the Cape May area and will surely continue to utilize their services.”

Cape Cleanse is Cape May County’s exclusive distributor for a proven Disinfectant that is one of only 3 EPA-registered products effective in killing the Human Coronavirus on porous and non-porous surfaces.  As Tedd explains, “We chose our Disinfectant because it is safe for pets and children, is odorless and colorless. It is fast-drying, making it ideal for use during the short vacation rental turnover periods, as well as time-sensitive restaurant, retail, and office applications. The EPA uses the same product for its own offices. It is an effective disinfectant for a variety of bacteria, viruses, molds, and insects, including bed bugs.”

Several local realtors recommended Cape Cleanse to their clients. Megan says that not only property owners, but many tourists are now scheduling the disinfecting service prior to arrival, relieving homeowners of the financial burden. “Now that Fall is approaching, homeowners are returning to their properties after a Summer Rental Season.  Many owners are requesting services and products into the Fall season so that their properties continue to be safe for family and friends,” commented Megan. “That is something to keep in mind as the Flu Season approaches.”

Cape Cleanse sells Disinfectant by the gallon as well as Pressurized Sprayers for ‘do it yourself’ application. The company provides, free of charge, documentation and training along with window stickers and tent cards declaring to all who enter that properties have been ‘Sanitized for Their Safety.’  Cape Cleanse hands-free dispensers for hand sanitizer can be mounted indoors or outdoors on walls or stands (also sold by Cape Cleanse), filled with Cape Cleanse hand-sanitizer. “The hand sanitizer we sell is 80% alcohol, as recommended by the CDC. It is dispensed by just waving your hands under the dispenser,” explains Cory. “The dispenser is a good investment. It will not disappear like small portable dispensers. We assemble everything, even install the batteries, prior to delivery, so the units are ready for use.” All Cape Cleanse products are in stock and ready for free ‘no contact’ delivery anywhere in Cape May County. Prices are below retail, and refills are offered at a discount. 

As Fall approaches and the Human Coronavirus remains a concern, residents and tourists alike continue to need assurances. Cape Cleanse, LLC continues to deliver on its promise to ‘Sanitize for Safety.’  Contact them today at 609-898-7625 or via the web at

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