Cape May Students Awarded Coast Guard Foundation Scholarships

Christopher (second from right) and Riley (right) Hollandsworth with their parents.

The Coast Guard Foundation, a non-profit organization committed to the education and wellness of all Coast Guard members and their families, announced Sept. 17 that it has awarded 128 new scholarships in 2019.

In the 29 years of this program, the Coast Guard Foundation has paid more than $5.4 million to more than 1,100 college-aged adults to help the families of Coast Guard members achieve their goals of higher education.

Christopher and Riley Hollandsworth, children of U.S. Coast Guard Command Master Chief Petty Officer William Hollandsworth from Cape May, were awarded Coast Guard Foundation scholarships. Christopher will attend Virginia Tech, while Riley will attend Monmouth University in the fall.

The scholarships benefit the children of enlisted men and women who are serving or have served in the Coast Guard, whether active duty, reserve, retired or deceased.

“The children of the brave men and women of the Coast Guard consistently demonstrate a focused dedication to their studies and desire to give back to their communities,” stated Susan Ludwig, president, Coast Guard Foundation. “These scholarships are an investment in the development of the next generation of leaders. The future of our country will be determined by these young adults."

"We are proud to assist them to get the education they desire,” she added.