NOTE: The Cape May County Herald is offering full coverage of the COVID-19 / coronavirus emergency to all, with no payment required. We are committed to ensuring our readers can make critical decisions for themselves and their families during this ongoing situation. To continue supporting this vital reporting, please consider a digital subscription or contribution. For more coverage, subscribe to our daily newsletter.

Earlier this year, Cape May County launched the “Safely Together” public health campaign to encourage visitors and locals to follow CDC guidelines to ensure the safety of those living in and visiting Cape May County. Today, the Cape May County Herald joins the long list of local businesses who have taken the pledge to ensure we are doing everything we can to keep our customers and employees safe.

The Herald has sustained operations throughout the pandemic, providing residents and visitors with up to date local coverage of COVID-related developments as well as other community news, information, and advertising. We have been delivering a greater level of news coverage than ever before to more people than ever before. With the support of our loyal advertisers and sponsors, we remain committed to keeping Cape May County informed and connected.

We also are committed to keeping Cape May County safe. As the county continues to re-open, let’s work together to help us ‘Stay Open, Safely Together.’ By taking the pledge, the Herald has agreed to follow CDC protocols, keep up-to-date with best practices, support our local businesses, and do everything we can to keep our employees and others safe.

We ask readers to take the Safely Together pledge, too, so everyone stays safe and looks after each other. To join us in making the pledge or get more information about the Safely Together campaign, please visit

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