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RIO GRANDE - The Herald’s website has transitioned to subscription-only access to news content, urging readers to join the cause and support local journalism.

As of Sept 1, 2021, Herald website users must have a subscription and be logged into their Herald user account to access news content.  The price for a digital subscription is $50/year – less than $1/week.  

The Herald continues to offer unlimited, free access to all other areas of our website. So, Classifieds, DoTheShore, events, obituaries, Spout Off – everything except content in the news section and e-Editions – remains free and unlimited. 

As it has been, the Herald's print edition is available free at locations throughout Cape May County each Wednesday; though, we are now seeking a nominal ($1) payment at select locations - e.g., Wawa and Acme stores. 

We are also inviting local businesses (e.g., restaurants and residential communities) to support the Herald’s journalism with bulk local delivery subscriptions – at $10 for 25 copies (less than 50 cents per copy) – as a service to their patrons/residents, perhaps inviting donations to support that service. 

For over 50 years, the Herald fostered a free newspaper habit for Cape May County's residents and visitors – funded by a steady stream of advertisers eager to connect with an unrivaled local readership.  

The digital media transformation has sorely strained the advertising-based business model for media companies both globally and locally. Digital advertising is very different from print advertising. While our digital audience is even larger than our print audience, our revenue from digital advertising is much less than from print advertising.  

As our digital media activities have expanded, the limited degree of support from digital advertising has become increasingly problematic, especially amid advertising declines exacerbated by the Covid-related impacts on local businesses. 

We feel privileged to serve this community, and we are eager to do more – more journalistic coverage, more digital media services, more of what you want, when and how you want it. To do these things, we must derive more revenue from our readers and from our digital media operations.   

We are grateful for your faithful readership – in print or online, weekly or anytime, and we appreciate your support.  

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