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On October 1, 2020, nearly seven months ago, the Cape May County Prosecutor’s Office in collaboration with the Cape May County Sheriff’s office and Cape May County Police Chiefs Association began researching the creation of a website that would provide an opportunity for residents of Cape May County to register that they have special needs.  Following the lead of the Monmouth County Prosecutor’s Office, and the Atlantic County Prosecutor’s Office, the Cape May County Prosecutor’s Office was able to softly launch its website on June 1, 2021.

The goal of this Special Needs Registry (SNR) is to provide vital information regarding a registrant’s disability, medical condition or behavioral health issue; as well as emergency contact information, a physical description and current photograph of the registrant that will be used by law enforcement and first responders during times of crisis ultimately creating a safer and healthier environment for police and community.  This registry is open to all citizens with special needs who reside, attend school or are employed in Cape May County.  All information provided on the registry will remain strictly confidential and will only be utilized by first responders during time of emergency.  The registrant can also elect to provide some additional information about themselves such as their blood type, their prescribed medications and contact information for their treating physicians.

All registrants will be issued 2 different sized SNR window decals that can be placed prominently on the front entrance of the resident’s home as well as on their personal vehicle or vehicle in which they regularly travel.  Registrants will also be issued an SNR identification card to carry themselves or carried by a caregiver.  The presence of the SNR decal signifies to first responders that someone in the residence/vehicle has some degree of special need, and they should respond according. The use of the SNR decals and identification card is voluntary, but highly recommended for those with special needs.

If you have any questions regarding the Cape May County Special Needs Registry, contact or call (609) 425-1135 ext. 3416.  You may also visit us on Facebook at

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