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“At Your Service” Formalwear has been serving local Students with their Prom Tuxedos since 1999.  Prom 2021 looked different than pre-pandemic events.  One thing that remains constant is concerned parents who have bonded together to provide safe, alcohol-free events when the official Prom ends, continuing the fun into the morning hours. 

“At Your Service” Formalwear proudly supports these efforts with a donation of $830 to three county high schools After-Prom events.  Ocean City High School moved their 2021 After-Prom a few yards from the high school to Wonderland Pier.  Middle Township High School’s After-Prom held their traditional After-Prom at the decorated high school cafeteria and auditorium with a “Friends” theme.   Lower Township High School intermixed the 2021 After-Prom events at the Prom event site, NAS Wildwood Aviation Museum hangar.

The donations were made to each school based on the number of prom tuxedo appointments made on Facebook.  Booking their own appointment saves the shop owner, Nancy Notaro value time during a busy prom season.  A $10 donation was made for each customer booking an appointment on their own.  This traditional will continue as long as there are After-Proms to promote this fund-raiser. 

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