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Cape May County Brewers and members of Habitat for Humanity at Mudhen Brewing Company on November 7.

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If you've ever witnessed workers building a house, then you know how difficult it is. But what if all you had to do to build a house was drink beer? Well, as bizarre as that notion sounds, it's actually possible thanks to the craft beer establishments in Cape May County through "The House that Beer Built" campaign.

Harnessing the power of community partnership, our vibrant craft breweries come together to help build a Habitat home through the first ever Cape May County Collaborative Brew - the Beer that Built the House! This robust porter will be made independently by each brewery so look forward to unique variations at each location. Participating breweries include: 7 Mile Brewery, Avalon Brew Pub, Bucket Brigade, Cape May Brewery, COHO Brewing Co., Cold Spring Brewery, Gusto, Ludlam Island, Mudhen and Slack Tide. Be sure to find out how the beer is infused with a special local flavor from well-known Laura's Fudge! Limited edition t-shirts will be available for purchase that mark this first collaboration venture. Take a chance on a giant raffle basket full of brewery swag from all breweries, gift certificates, Laura's Fudge and plenty more.

Homeownership is a big deal, but it's out of reach for many families. Members of these breweries will also be volunteering their time and energy toward the construction of the house. This brewery alliance is a show of solidarity to help a local deserving family in need have a stable, safe and affordable forever home. Thankfully, Habitat for Humanity (HFH) is able to make dreams like this come true. What is especially unique about these efforts is that members of the family that will one day live in the house work alongside members of the brewing community and other volunteers to provide hands-on labor to construct the home.

"This is another way our local area is demonstrating the mindset of a collective community. We are all able to lift others in some way and sharing in that process can bring even more people together. The enthusiasm generated from this project is so encouraging in a time when home means so much", says Habitat Cape May Executive Director, Sarah Matthews.

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