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Tuesday, August 17, Habitat Cape May held their Annual Board of Directors meeting. Highlights of the meeting include the adoption of the FY 21/22 Budget, unveiling of the 3 Year Plan and recap of successes for Fundraising, Family Support, Construction, Finance, HR and Nominating Committees. In addition, the Board elected the following as officers to serve for a term of one year beginning September, 2021.

President: Bill Simeral

Vice President: Dave Hammond

Treasurer: Bruce Loversidge

Secretary: John Marcelliano

Continuing their service on the Board of Directors are Pat McCusker, Karen Thompson, Elizabeth Terenik, Sue White, Dave Adams, Quanette Vasser-McNeal, Dan Hawkins, and Michael Morley.

“Our Board of Directors is comprised of a dedicated team of community leaders committed to providing strength, stability and self-reliance through permanent shelter. With their eyes toward the future we will be expanding opportunity for homeownership in our towns, furthering community involvement by increasing our outreach and focusing on complimenting home construction with added services,” said Sarah Matthews, Executive Director. “We are excited to channel all this talent, expertise and energy into furthering our mission.”

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